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Fixing Firefox 29 Tabs On Top without an add-on

So Mozilla, the organization that prides itself on openness and freedom of thought and being different, pulls a bonehead group-think move. No, not firing its CEO for daring to have his own political opinions. Finally implementing its threat to look just like every other browser out there, and move tabs from the bottom to the … Continue reading

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Android transfer SIM and Phone Contacts to GMail Contacts

Problem: Move SIM-only and Phone-only contacts from deactivated Android phone into GMail account, where it will automatically sync onto new phone… using nothing but ‘Net. Solution: Here’s what I did. (This assumed a deactivated, but not wiped phone with good working WiFi.) 0. Get deactivated phone on WiFi, since otherwise it got no data. Applications->Contacts->Menu->More-> … Continue reading

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The Problem with Comments

Recently Popular Science turned off user comments entirely on new articles. In true PopSci style, they justified the move with a study, unlinked, but linked to the study’s author’s OpEd on the study, justifying their move by saying that the existence of polarizing comments unduly influence readers, and outweigh the ability of civil discourse to … Continue reading

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Why the Awesome Lunametrics Social Media Sizing Cheat Sheet Matters

OK, by now you’ve probably seen it, reposted across every blog of every stripe imaginable: Lunametric’s Social Media Sizing Cheat Sheet. (Viewable in full below.) Awesome. For the casual Social Media user and blogger, it may seem a lot of fuss about nothing. Doesn’t Facebook (for example) resize and crop everything anyway? Don’t I get … Continue reading