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Stay Alert

So I’m going to work late today (two hour school snow delay) and hit a backup at the usual spot, only it’s not the usual slowdown. It’s a dead stop.

So I bail off of an exit and explore (hey I’m two hours late anyway). My first attempt at free navigation leads to a half mile dead end. I go the other way and turn onto a side road.

At this point I turn on my docked phone’s GPS Satnav, because if I turned it on earlier it would insist on going onto the blocked highway. It plots a course on back roads and I’m on my way towards work. Woohoo. (Notice muted enthusiasm. I like my work, but it is, after all, work).

So I’m following a minivan and come to an intersection and the map indicates to bear left, the GPS lady says turn left at the non-90-degree Y-Shaped intersection. But it’s a traffic circle so I veer right… right past the minivan which has veered left and entered the traffic circle in the wrong direction, then stopped dead, blocking traffic in the circle.

Fortunately he’s blocking traffic in the one part of the traffic circle I don’t need, so I leave him to sort out his problems.

The minivan driver must be using a GPS Satnav with the same maps as mine.

Moral: Use your eyes. Use your brain. Stay Alert.

PS I’m not heartless. Staying to sort out traffic would have just created a bigger jam and endangered more people. And yes, I have already submitted a map correction request. This is what separates me from the apes.
PPS  Hmm. It occurs to me I’ve captured all this on my dashcam.

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