About Freebore

Who is freebore?

Known as hangfire or hangfirew8 around the web, I am a person that observes the craziness around us, and instead of blaming vast and intricate conspiracies, gets to the heart of the matter- and blogs about that most essential forces creating everyday insanity in our lives. Idiocy. Incompetence. Laziness.

In short, Hanlon’s Razor.

Why freebore?

Because I’m all about freedom (with responsibility). Because rifles have bores. Because it is a rifle term. But mainly, because the username hangfire was already taken on wordpress.com.

What is freebore?

Freely available, original content. Lots of links but only my own writing and photographs. No blog posts just to point out someone else’s blog post (nothing wrong with that, but it’s not what I do). Analysis where necessary, but primarily facts.

What is not freebore?

I’m not a freetard. Follow your software licensing, don’t pirate, if you don’t want to pay for it, use GPL or other public licensed software. Not boring. If you’re not interested, just skip it. I won’t mind. Not politically polarized, just aware. A little ranty but not preachy. If it doesn’t matter to you, I won’t try to make it matter. I’m just trying to build a site you can dive into and come away with some gem of knowledge, some little truth that makes life easier.

Where is freebore going?

More photographs, more color, a better tailored theme, but primarily, more content.

What is the picture?

The Triumph, a Carnival cruise ship that I actually cruised on. The problems we had were ridiculous. Later the same ship was in the news for catching fire and also became known as the poop ship. You make up your own mind about choosing this cruise line. I know I have.



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