digital lifestyle / great companies doing silly things

Daily surfing failures

I went to Philips‘ site to compare their various headlamps for autos. I picked two for comparison. The results were: 12V versus 12.8V, and both were the same wattage. Oh, yeah. How about… Lumens? Color temp? Expected life? Lots of pretty Flash, though. Now I’m worried about that 0.8V! (Not really. There’s almost nothing 12.0V about automotive 12v systems. Or 12.8V for that matter).

Diagnosis: Triumph of form over function, clueless marketing department driven website.

Everywhere I went, I kept running into Ads for GE’s Industrial Internet. Tried yesterday and today. Always re-resolves to GE’s standard page with no “Industrial Internet” in sight.

Diagnosis: Coordination FAIL, IT and Marketing teams out of sync.

None of this silliness lives up to that great moment when IBM forgot to renew their domain registration! (Wow. This topic- “ domain registration expired”- now yields no useful hits on Google or even Bing. Wow. Somebody paid a lot to bury that painful memory).


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