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Why the Awesome Lunametrics Social Media Sizing Cheat Sheet Matters

OK, by now you’ve probably seen it, reposted across every blog of every stripe imaginable: Lunametric’s Social Media Sizing Cheat Sheet. (Viewable in full below.) Awesome. For the casual Social Media user and blogger, it may seem a lot of fuss about nothing. Doesn’t Facebook (for example) resize and crop everything anyway? Don’t I get … Continue reading

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Firefox 16.01 update loses bookmarks, breaks Tabs on Top (should be Bottom!)

Firefox 16 to 16.01 update on my MINT 11 system today, pretty much a disaster. First of all, all my bookmarks were lost. Secondly, all my window customization was lost. Fortunately, my .mozilla bookmark backups were still there: $ ls -l /home/freebore/.mozilla/firefox/wqx9uxni.default/bookmarkbackups/ … so a restore was easy from Show all bookmarks->Import and Backup->Restore. What … Continue reading