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Fixing Firefox 29 Tabs On Top without an add-on

So Mozilla, the organization that prides itself on openness and freedom of thought and being different, pulls a bonehead group-think move. No, not firing its CEO for daring to have his own political opinions. Finally implementing its threat to look just like every other browser out there, and move tabs from the bottom to the top. On top, where the active tab is visually disassociated with the page it represent. On top, where your mouse has to travel further. (Yes, mouse, because we are developers, not drooling tablet users). Yes, browser.tabs.onTop is still there, but inexplicably Mozilla has decided to leave it there while closing the “bug” that makes it functional. (Is this rational behavior?)

Here’s how to fix it in Linux, from Mozilla’s support pages. Unfortunately that page and its links are super-unclear as to exactly where the userChrome.css file goes. It goes here (replace the somethings with your profile(s) (yes I have more than one)):


If that directory doesn’t exist, create it. Then create a plaintext file called userChrome.css with the following contents:

@namespace url("");
#TabsToolbar {
    -moz-box-ordinal-group: 10000 !important;

Then restart Firefox and say goodbye to groupthink (until next time!).


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