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Google tightens the Google+ noose

From what I observe myself and other’s using, Google’s killer web apps are (in no particular order) GMail, Youtube, Maps and of course Search. Other projects have been hit and miss and many have been shut down from lack of interest, like their CSS reader. Some do OK but are heavily competed, like Google Drive … Continue reading


android / digital lifestyle / smart phones

Android transfer SIM and Phone Contacts to GMail Contacts

Problem: Move SIM-only and Phone-only contacts from deactivated Android phone into GMail account, where it will automatically sync onto new phone… using nothing but ‘Net. Solution: Here’s what I did. (This assumed a deactivated, but not wiped phone with good working WiFi.) 0. Get deactivated phone on WiFi, since otherwise it got no data. Applications->Contacts->Menu->More-> … Continue reading