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Smiling Dorner a public relations nightmare for LAPD

Known for decades as one of the most corrupt police forces in the nation– where the evidence file for the Black Dahlia was looted for souvenirs until practically empty, policemen earned tips for reporting celebrity scandals, the King beatdown, the Rampart evidence planting scandal, and a racial profile that stood in stark contrast to the local population– a supposedly cleaned-up LAPD has a new public relations problem. And I’m not just talking about lighting up random people in random pickup trucks.

It’s not just the fellow cop and cop-killer Christopher Dorner is black.

It’s not just that he accuses the department of racism and railroading him out for being a snitch.

It’s that damned smile… not to mention big teddy-bear looks.

Check out the billboard. American flag resplendent behind him. His rank cropped off, but obviously in military uniform. And that smile. That damned smile.


He’s obviously happy to be a cop, here:


Even given the full OJ Simpson/Times magazine darkening treatment, he still looks like the first neighbor you’d ask to help you move the furniture:


Even before the cabin he was in was burned down by no less than 7 “burners” (apparently police slang for tear gas grenades, which have a well-known tendency to create fires… does a small mountain cabin really require seven tear gas canisters?), a new Internet meme had arrived- other serial killers get trials. This one would not. Everyone knew Dorner would die.

And that’s another public relations problem for the LAPD.


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