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Smiling Dorner a public relations nightmare for LAPD

Known for decades as one of the most corrupt police forces in the nation– where the evidence file for the Black Dahlia was looted for souvenirs until practically empty, policemen earned tips for reporting celebrity scandals, the King beatdown, the Rampart evidence planting scandal, and a racial profile that stood in stark contrast to the … Continue reading


government and overstepping / media versus facts

Andy Green and Fraser Smith mislead Maryland gun owners

I was expecting a pro-O’Malley slant from Andy Green and Fraser Smith in this morning’s “Inside Maryland Politics” opinion piece on gun control- after all, these are the two that tried to explain away and excuse the Governor’s spending of the highway trust fund just a few weeks ago. But take a listen for their … Continue reading

media versus facts

HuffPost too clueless to critique Dorner manifesto

Sadly, HuffPost’er Allan McDonell can’t even see the obvious in his attempted critique of a small portion of former Navy/former LAPD murderer’s rant. Where to begin… suppressors fall under Title II, not Class III. Mail order of suppressors without a Title II tax stamp is not done “completely LEGALLY” (quoting Dorner). It is not … Continue reading

government and overstepping

Hi Cap Magazines for Law Enforcement only

Because shooting 30 46 holes in the wrong pickup at the wrong people is just so right. I wonder if there will be prosecutions? Continue reading

government and overstepping

Maryland First Amendment Rights Assured

Good news! If Maryland SB 281 passes in its current form, legitimate printing press owners (large, hand operated, hand rolled ink) can keep their presses and printed products without prejudice (in their homes and clubs only, of course). For those nuts who own inkjet, laser printers, and “electronic internet terminals”, they’ll have to take … Continue reading

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PanaVise mounting

The Vise Yesterday I received an early Christmas present to myself, a PanaVise 396 Wide Opening Head. (The word wide here seems to be defined by PanaVise Products, Inc. as 6.5″ with rubber boots installed). This approx. $50 gift to myself, along with a cool new soldering iron earlier this year, are ways to motivate … Continue reading