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Andy Green and Fraser Smith mislead Maryland gun owners

I was expecting a pro-O’Malley slant from Andy Green and Fraser Smith in this morning’s “Inside Maryland Politics” opinion piece on gun control- after all, these are the two that tried to explain away and excuse the Governor’s spending of the highway trust fund just a few weeks ago. But take a listen for their take on the facts:

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It is sad that Andy and Frasier are either so misinformed, or chose to lie to Marylanders about what O’Malley’s pending gun legislation says. It is not, as they stated, just for new gun purchases going forward.

The bill as submitted demands current regulated gun owners to register themselves, list their guns, get fingerprinted, get $100 licenses (possibly per gun), or face confiscation and misdeamenor criminal charges. The license is good for 5 years and again, renew, turn them in, or have them confiscated and face prosecution.

This level of anti-gun-owner warfare by Governor O’Malley is the reason for the big turnout last week in Annapolis.

Educate yourselves. Please take a moment read the bill at:

Addendum: I wrote the WYPR newsroom and Fraser Smith about this on February 20th. Let’s see if they grace me with a reply!


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