government and overstepping

Maryland First Amendment Rights Assured

Good news! If Maryland SB 281 passes in its current form, legitimate printing press owners (large, hand operated, hand rolled ink) can keep their presses and printed products without prejudice (in their homes and clubs only, of course).

For those nuts who own inkjet, laser printers, and “electronic internet terminals”, they’ll have to take 8 hours of in-person training, fingerprinted, get a license and renew it every 5 years, and register every such appliance they own. There is really no place in our society for these devices that can spew out ideas to millions of people in an instant! People with hardware like this should be treated just like convicted sex offenders!

Our wise friends in Arab and other countries already have similar restrictions and we can see how well that is working for them! Worst of all there are “portable internet terminals” that can be used to video and upload police doing arrests and other duties. Such powers MUST be restricted only to Law Enforcement and duly licensed and vetted journalists otherwise law enforcement officers could be greatly impaired in doing their job!

We can do this… for the children! Protect them from the indiscriminate dissemination of crazy and radical ideas! I wish we could just get rid of ALL printing devices but at least they will be registered, and confiscated if the owners fail to get registered, trained and licensed! Best of all they can’t complain that their First Amendment rights are violated, after all they can keep their hand operated presses! (At home of course, with no distribution of materials, that would get crazy!)


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