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Sears products and pricing….

It’s a problem all men face. We’re stuck in a mall while the family shops. As a male in the land where 85% of retail floor space is dedicated to women’s fashion, I can only do my best and take refuge in the tools or tire section of Sears. Unfortunately Sears seems determined to run itself out of business. The transfer to Craftsman hand tool manufacturing offshore, high prices, and then there’s this.
For roughly $20, you can by these pre-cut sheets for your Craftsman toolbox:

Craftsman non slip tool chest drawer liner set $20

Or, you can pull out your scissors $9.50 and try this:

Duck Non-adhesive shelf liner, Black

or $8.85 (delivered, with Prime), this:

Con-Tact Black Shelf Liner $8.85

I suppose Sears sells a few of these every year, maybe to harried government contract purchasers trying to unload money at the end of a fiscal year. Mostly I see the same liners sit in Sears for years, taking of valuable retail floor space. At some point some bean counter will notice this, and just eliminate the Craftsman brand altogether and replace it with more profitable women’s clothing racks. At least these see some turnover at Sears… due to seasonal close outs.


One thought on “Sears products and pricing….

  1. I was in Sears earlier this year and noted the same thing. I just shook my head in bewilderment and figured that they must be trolling for someone that doesn’t know any better! My boxes are lined with the cheap Walmart stuff that works like a champ!

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