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Firefox 16.01 update loses bookmarks, breaks Tabs on Top (should be Bottom!)

Firefox 16 to 16.01 update on my MINT 11 system today, pretty much a disaster. First of all, all my bookmarks were lost. Secondly, all my window customization was lost. Fortunately, my .mozilla bookmark backups were still there:

$ ls -l /home/freebore/.mozilla/firefox/wqx9uxni.default/bookmarkbackups/

… so a restore was easy from Show all bookmarks->Import and Backup->Restore.

What is more disturbing is the “tabs on top” menu item is gone! It is now an about:config entry only.

ToT (Tabs on top) are BAD for three reasons:

  1. ToT makes FF look like IE (always a bad thing)
  2. ToT visually dis-associates the active tab from the content it represents
  3. ToT forces the user to engage in more pointer travel to move from content to tab control

Mozilla guys, I luv ya, but please stop trying to turn my Linux desktop into an iPad.


P.S. Solved! Somehow Gnome launched Firefox with an alternate profile (that I haven’t had for months). I used firefox -ProfileManager to launch the profile I wanted (the one called default, d’oh), exited, and now the correct profile launches. Since I haven’t used it in ages, indeed, since FF13 or before, how did the alternate profile get set to launch? I can only think it had something to do with Mint FF 16.0.1 packaging.


3 thoughts on “Firefox 16.01 update loses bookmarks, breaks Tabs on Top (should be Bottom!)

  1. I’ve been running 16.01 for a couple of weeks now, but today both my home and work browsers lost all of their bookmarks thanks to Firefox Sync… I think. No amount of unsyncing, uninstalling/reinstalling browsers and plugins, creating new profiles or restoring from JSON bookmark backups will bring them back. Since FF is now a total loss for me (it’s useless without bookmarks), I guess it’s finally time to look at Opera, Chrome and other alternatives.

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